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Dentist Beverly Hills

dentist beverly hillsOur dentist in Beverly Hills is one of the most well-renowned dental professionals in Los Angeles, and his clientele includes A-list celebrities as well as private citizens who crave a Hollywood smile. Whether you are in need of extreme dental repair or you are just looking for a touch-up to make those pearly whites really shine, our Beverly Hills dentist is here for you.

Some of the most important work done by our dentist in Beverly Hills involves preventative dentistry. If you come in for a check-up once every six months as is recommended, you will be better protected against tooth decay, gum disease, and excessive wear on the teeth. Seeing the dentist should not be reserved for when you are feeling a problem. If a problem is detected early enough, it can be treated much more easily.

Beverly Hills Dentist

However, sometimes the unfortunate happens, and you need to see a dentist to restore a problem that is plaguing your oral health. Our Beverly Hills dentist offers services that can repair damaged teeth or restore teeth that have suffered from extensive decay. In the rare instance where a tooth needs to be removed, our dentist offers services to replace any missing teeth. And although you may not be looking forward to it, our dentist can also perform root canal treatment to remove any infected pulp that is lying within a tooth.

And if you experience any anxiety while visiting the dentist, you are not alone. That is why we offer sedation dentistry to make you feel more at ease while you are getting treatment done. Many patients delay getting treatment or avoid seeing a dentist altogether due to their fears, but avoiding the dentist’s chair will only lead to further damage and decay, which will only call for more extensive practices to take place. There are multiple forms of sedation available, so our dentist can pick the best one based on your personal needs and schedule.

If you have been experiencing problems with your oral health, or if you just have not been to the dentist in a while, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Beverly Hills.

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